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Makilia Rowe-Andrews    (510) 723-3100 x 40216

Maureen Hannah      (510) 723-3100 x 40214

Ho Mark Luu         (510) 723-3100 x 40221

Sarwia Nawim       (510) 723-3100 x 40208


Science Help

Our science teachers are available to help students with their projects, assignment and homework.  Please call your students teacher, 723-3100 or email the teacher to find out the specific time and place the teacher offers help to their students.

Science Courses

7th Graders take a year long Life Science course

8th Graders take a year long Physical Science course


Bret Harte was selected to host NASA Day!  Our science department and 30 parent and community volunteers supported the 15 hands on science activities.  The exhibits included the Lunar Rover, Hover Craft, Space Toilet, Remote Control Rover, IR cameras and many more exhibits.  Special thanks to all of the Bret Harte team for arranging and supporting the event.  Thank you to City Council Member, Barbara Halliday, Sheila Jordan's Alameda County Office of Education and HUSD district leaders for joining us for this outstanding event.