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History Social Studies

History Social Studies

Bret Harte offers a year long course of World History for 7th graders and United States History for 8th graders.  Students are expected to be engaged in the interactive learning in these courses.  


Students are taught using the district adopted textbook, technology visuals, lecture and note taking and projects.

Students are encouraged to ask and answer questions to build their knowledge and apply their learning.


Vanessa Smith Stucky - Department Chair  (510) 723-3100 x 40222

Nick Tsougarakis (510) 723-3100 x 40212

Stephanie Alviso (510) 723-3100 x 40217

John Langley (510) 723-3100 x 40418

Day of Coding

Bret Harte hosted the"Hour of Code." Over 170 of our students got their a taste of computer programming during the, designated Computer Science Education Week.  Mrs. Stucky, History teacher, took her lecture and white board to the next level by adding coding as a part of her integration of technology into the curriculum.  This is an exciting time for our students and technology as we approach the Common Core standards, special thanks to