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Community Involvement

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Bret Harte continued learning during YEP with a panel presentation on Anti-Gun Violence on October 17.  Congressman Swalwell offered his thanks to Bret Harte and the Hayward Tri-City Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for hosting this outstanding event, (be sure to click below for his message.) The seats were filled and students were busy learning strategies to support our Anti-Gun Violence stance.  Students pledged to be safe and stay away from guns and to report any concerns about gun violence in their community.  Special thanks to our YEP team, Bret Harte faculty and the Hayward Tri-City Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for bringing this program to our school and to the lives of our students.

Congressman Swalwell was able to record a video message for our event,  he was not able to physically attend due to the government shut down. You can view it here: