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Bret Harte Orchestra

The Bret Harte Music department is amazing.  Students have the opportunity to play many different strings instruments including the violin, cello, bass, and viola.  The orchestra class is one hour each day led by our music director.  Students present two concerts per school year, fall and spring.  Students also play at many school and local events including the 8th grade graduation.

If you have questions please call our music director.

Spring Concert

Join us for the Spring Concert on May 22 at 6 PM in the auditorium.

Bret Harte Concert Band

Bret Harte students may also choose to play an instrument in our Concert Band which includes flutes, trumpets, saxophones and drums.  Students have a one hour class each day led by the music director.  The Concert Band also performs in the two school concerts and at local events.

Music Director

Mr. Larry Osborne