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Music Department

Music Staff

Carlo Fazio

Curtis Mannah


Join us for the Bret Harte Winter and Spring Concerts this school year.  Our award winning musicians will be showing off all of their musical skills at this winter extravaganza!  Bring your family and friends to this fun evening of musical excellence!

Music at Bret Harte

Bret Harte has an award winning music program.  We offer Choir, Concert Band and Orchestra at all levels.  Our students are offered a rigorous music program with a focus on learning to read music and to play multiple instruments.  Our students have the opportunity to perform at local venues including at Hayward High School football games, Six Flags Amusement Park, Chabot College and at their own winter and spring school concerts.

Students are actively recruited to sign up for music classes during spring scheduling and at the opening of school.  If your student is interested in taking a music class they must be sure to meet our music director, Mr. Fazio.  He can be reached in the music room, room 27, or by phone, 510-723-3100 x 40413, or email at 



Bret Harte has instruments!  

Instruments are loaned to students without cost and must be returned in good working condition at the end of the school year. 


The Bret Harte Music Boosters are actively engaged in raising funds for the entrance fees to the music competitions for this school year.  Please join us after school on Wednesdays for the "Super Nacho" sales and treats being sold from the music room.