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Ms. Belynda Ray - Leadership Teacher

Belynda Ray is an award-winning veteran teacher at Bret Harte. This is her 9th year. Ms. Ray brings incredible energy and inspiration to our 8th grade leadership class.

Leadership Course

The Bret Harte Leadership course is an 8th grade elective taught by Ms. Belynda Ray. This course offers students the opportunity to plan and execute school events, charity drives and celebrations.  Students learn and practice organizational and linguistic skills as they work with school staff to lead school events.  The leadership students use their writing skills to write proposals for school events, they use their english skills to explain the events to staff members and the administrators, they use their math skills to calculate the cost of the event or celebration to stay within their class budget.  

Leadership students are representatives of the Bret Harte student body and are often times selected to promote our school at local events including school board meetings and community celebrations.  Students enrolled in this course must maintain positive behavior and academic growth.

Leadership Activities

School Rallies

Skate Night

School Dances

Honor Roll Celebrations

Charity Drives-Coat Drive, Food Drive

Gardening Day

Family Restaurant Nights

much, much more...