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7th grade classes

Seventh Graders take the following classes:


Math-7th grade math or Algebra

World History

Life Science

Physical Education

Elective-Literature, Puente, Choir, Mandarin or Band

8th Grade Classes

All Bret Harte 8th graders take the following classes:


Math--8th grade math, Algebra or Geometry

US History

Physical Science

Physical Education

Elective--Art, Band, Technology, Orchestra, Choir, Leadership, Newspaper, Spanish, Mandarin, AVID

Tutoring for ELA

Our credentialed teachers offer free English class help after school.  Students can schedule time with their own teacher or another teacher to get help on their assignments.  Please contact your students teacher by email or phone to find out the specific days they offer tutorials. 

English/Language Arts

English Language Arts Courses


All Bret Harte students take a year long English Language Arts course.

We offer English Language Arts courses at different levels of instruction to meet the needs of all of our students. 

We offer a grade level English Language Course for students in both grade levels.

We have English Language Development (ELD) courses for our students learning English.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Reading and Writing

All we do is read, read, read, no matter what!

Be sure to complete the summer reading project and sign up with the library for the summer fun!


Janette Johnson

Christopher Rinaldi

Marcia Greer

Jennifer Smith

Alex Kopel

James Bergquist

Lauren Mielke

Josh Summit