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Email/Phone Numbers

Seana Condit-Gordon, Principal

510-723-3100, ex. 40102


Vickie Sargent, Assistant Principal

510-723-3100, ex. 40104




My name is Seana Condit-Gordon, Principal at Bret Harte Middle School.  I am proud to be a "Made In Hayward" educator, I attended school in Hayward K-12, and am a product of Bret Harte Middle School!

Our outstanding faculty takes pride in providing a positive, rewarding educational experience for your child.  We believe that strong partnerships between families and the school serve as the foundation for our students’ success.  We are committed to working together with families and community members in order to provide a rigorous standards-based academic program that engages students and prepares them to be successful in high school and beyond.  To this end, our administration and staff are dedicated to creating a safe, positive school climate.  We strive to foster meaningful partnerships with students, families, and community members in many ways throughout the year, and we stand committed to helping each individual student achieve academic success.  We challenge our students to reach their full potential by keeping your focus on learning, behaving in a positive, responsible manner at all times, and sharing their school pride by participating in school events and activities. 

We welcome you to join us as we serve our students at Bret Harte Middle.  

Go Bears!

Assistant Principal

Hi there,

My name is Vickie Sargent, Assistant Principal at Bret Harte Middle School. I am very excited to join the Bret Harte family and work alongside principal Seana Condit-Gordon to develop our young scholars into powerful, conscientious young adults.

Over the past four years I have worked in Hayward schools. For two years I was the Restorative Justice Practices coach helping schools build positive relationships, boost school climate, and work toward conflict resolution. The past two years I was the Youth Intervention Specialist at Mt. Eden High School. That responsibility included being the administrator for all 9th grade students. Prior to working here in Hayward I was a high school English teacher for 19 years. What my years of experience contribute to the Bret Harte family is a vision that involves preparing our students for high school helping ensure optimum success. For me that means cultivating all parts of our scholars, the whole person, by expanding the emotional, social, and academic skills students need to graduate high school, ultimately becoming productive citizens of our world.

I am proud to have the opportunity to work not only with our Bret Harte Bears, but also our families. When families and the school work in concert, we can powerfully cultivate the beautiful minds of our students empowering them to rise up to their best selves.

Go Bears!

Seana Condit-Gordon
Seana Condit-Gordon, Principal









Vickie Sargent
Vickie Sargent