Show your unique spirit!

Monday 10/5 : Pajama Day

Tuesday 10/6: Mustache Day

Weds. 10/7: Sports/Jersey Day

Thursday 10/8: Crazy Hair Day

Friday 10/9: Disney Day

School dress code still applies, so use good judgement.

Visitors Policy

Visitors on Campus

Visitors/volunteers are welcome on the Bret Harte campus. In order to guarantee the safety of all adults and students on campus, all visitors (including parents) must report to the office to obtain a visitor’s badge. This badge must be worn at all times while on campus

Bret Harte PTA


Bret Harte Family: Check back soon for updated information.

College Bound!

"College Bound Hayward" is in action!  This new district student program provides college tours, college application workshops, how to pay for college information for both parents and students. Students and parents meet the first Saturday of each month.  Applications are available in the school office!

Parent Corner


Your role as a parent is critically important to your student’s success.  Using the agenda to write down assignments is a necessary part of that success. Every evening, please sit down with your child to make sure that he or she is writing down the homework and test assignments. Every day in every class students should write down the assignment—if there is no homework, the student should write “NO homework”. At school, teachers are emphasizing the importance of using the agenda. Remember that organization and using the agenda are the path to good grades!



Su papel como padre es muy importantismo a su hijo!


Usar la agenda es necesario para el exito académico de su estudiante.  Por favor, revise la agenda con su hijo diariamente.  Todos los dias en todas las clases, sus hijos deben de escribir las tareas—si no hay tarea,  deben escribir “NO HAY TAREA”.  En la escuela, los maestros tambien destancan el significado de usar la agenda.  Favor de recordar a su hijo que la organización y usar la agenda son caminos a las calificaciones buenas!

Bell Schedule


Bret Harte Middle School

        Bell Schedule


        A period   7:20-8:17

Breakfast Service—8:00-8:15


1st        8:20 – 9:24   (64)

2nd      9:28 – 10:27 (59)

3rd    10:31 – 11:30 (59)

4th       11:34 –12:33 (59)


Lunch Service-- 12:33-1:09   (36)


5th      1:13-2:12     (59)

6th      2:16-3:15     (59)






Wednesday Bell Schedule

A Period    7:20 – 8:17

1st               8:20 – 9:04

2nd              9:08– 9:51

3rd               9:55 –10:38

4th               10:42-11:25

5th               11:29-12:12

6th               12:16- 1:00

A message from our new principal Seana Condit-Gordon!

seana for website.jpg


Welcome to Bret Harte Middle School!

“Where excellence is the expectation” 

My name is Seana Condit-Gordon and I am excited that I have been given the opportunity to be the Principal at Bret Harte Middle School.  I am proud to be a Made In Hayward educator, I attended school in Hayward K-12, and am a product of Bret Harte Middle School!

Our outstanding faculty takes pride in providing a positive, rewarding educational experience for your child.  We believe that strong partnerships between families and the school serve as the foundation for our students’ success.  We are committed to working together with families and community members in order to provide a rigorous standards-based academic program that engages students and prepares them to be successful in high school and beyond.  To this end, our administration and staff are dedicated to creating a safe, positive school climate.  We strive to foster meaningful partnerships with students, families, and community members in many ways throughout the year, and we stand committed to helping each individual student achieve academic success.  We challenge our students to reach their full potential by keeping your focus on learning, behaving in a positive, responsible manner at all times, and sharing their school pride by participating in school events and activities. 

 We welcome you to join us as we serve our students at Bret Harte Middle.  Go Bears!

Parent-Teacher Conference Night! October 13th 2-6pm!

Parent-teacher conference night will be on Tuesday October 13 from 2pm to 6pm.  Conferences can be scheduled by calling the Bret Harte main office at (510) 723-3100.

These conferences are ONLY for students who receive a C- or below on their progress reports.  Students who do not receive a progress report may be put on a wait list for remaining spaces after the C- and below students have been scheduled.



Principal Condit-Gordon unleashes her fury at the student vs. staff kickball game and scores one for the Bret Harte staff!


PUENTE at Bret Harte

At Bret Harte, 'Got College?' is not a question, it is an expectation!  Bret Harte students and staff have been in the college spirit all year.  Last year we were selected as one of the first middle school PUENTE sites in the country!  We now have both AVID and PUENTE in our elective program.  Bret Harte students have definitely opened the doors to our students next steps in being college eligible and prepared. Contact Ms. Johnson.

School Calendar of Events

Attendance Counts

Attendance Counts, Every Student,  Every Day!  Please help us improve your students academic progress by ensuring your student arrives to school on time every single day.  Each day of absence cost our school $40 in funding.  Help us keep our programs by making sure your student attends school on time every single day.  All of our "A" period classes begin promptly at 7:20 AM.  Please be sure to arrive on time to class if you are scheduled for an "A" period  PE or Music class.  If your student has an appointment please bring them to school before and/or after the appointment.  If your student is absent call our school office at 723-3100 x 40111 to report the absence.  Trends and patterns of absences or tardies may generate a truancy referral to our School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and our School Resource Officers (SRO's) for investigation and support.


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